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Safety marking is more interesting than you know...

Where safety-relevant products shall ensure utmost planning reliability, product certifications are indispensable. Using EverGlow products, our customers are always on the safe side when it is about meeting legal requirements. In order to be up-to-date at any time, we contribute to all relevant standardization committees and have the required product certifications.

Please note: Due to the lack of harmonized standards on the European level, there is not any CE marking for photoluminescent products.

German Institute for Standardization (Berlin)

Foreman in standardization committee NA 058 00-19 AA "Luminous paints" comes from EverGlow. This committee mainly deals with the series of standards DIN 67510 "Photoluminescent Pigments and Products".

EverGlow contributes to standardization committee NA 0095 01-06 GA "Safety Marking". As national committee reflecting ISO, it mainly works on the series of standards DIN 4844 for safety marking. It serves as a basis for the national system of regulations regarding safety and health protection marking. This committee also deals with the future DIN EN ISO 7010.

If required to contribute on the ISO level, EverGlow will provide experts for the international cooperation in conjunction with DIN.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) does not deal with standardization but adopts resolutions on maritime safety which are then implemented in ISO standards (e.g. ISO 15370) in parts. The required certifications are made by EverGlow; e.g. MED (steering wheel).

International, European product approval for components of low-location guidance systems on ships.

In the USA and in Canada, EXIT signs partly require a rating and / or approval according to UL 924. The accredited test institute Intertek checks EverGlow EXIT signs regularly for conformity with the standards and performs perception width tests.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Components for low-location guidance systems partly need to be approved according to UL 1994 in the USA and in Canada. For this purpose, UL performs regular product surveillance and production inspections.

Due to our membership in the PSPA PSPA (Photoluminescent Safety Products Association) we have been investing in the use of photoluminescent technologies at sea, on shore, and in the air for many years and in conjunction with other international manufacturers. For five years, the chairman of this organization has been coming from EverGlow.

Environmental protection:

EverGlow is green! This statement is true on two counts. On the one hand, our products mostly glow green in the dark, on the other hand, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production ensures observance of all relevant environmental criteria. REACH: EverGlow products are in compliance with REACH and do not contain any substances of very high concern (SOVC). Where possible, we use recycled material (e.g. aluminum) Moreover, additional electric power is not required when using EverGlow products.

More Approvals:
Local Law 26 NYC – MEA Products approvals (
Approval for measurement of photoluminescent safety guidance systems according to ISO 15370
DEKRA ISO 9001 – QM certification of production
DEKRA ISO 14001 – Environmental management