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About us

Safety means more to us than merely observing legal regulations.
If the light goes out, no regulations will help you, but optimum safety installations for the protection and rescue of human lives - also and even without electrical power. For EverGlow safety is a question of responsibility.

We set standards in terms of products and services

In order to take up this responsibility, we are the right partner in supporting our customers in all matters concerning safety. As an internationally operating company we are familiar with regulations and laws all over the world enabling us to ensure optimal planning reliability.

Our company boasts four main fields for the benefit of our customers:

Project consulting
comprehensive planning of customer projects - ranging from consulting about CAD based planning to installation and servicing

Manufacture, sales and service
based on a broad and trend-setting product assortment and a strong network of distributors and service partners - with a distinct edge over our competitors in quality and economic efficiency

Research and development
in a growing, international team of specialists - always one step ahead when it comes to quality, effectiveness and the development of new and innovative products

Training, seminars, talks
serving as a transfer of knowledge for enhanced safety - in collaboration with universities, associations and training sessions for customers and partners Technological and quality leadership is not merely a word at EverGlow but a promise, which is underlined by our expertise, enthusiasm and creativity - and always with convincing effectiveness.

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