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International Standards

ISO 7010 "Graphical symbols and safety colors"

Among others, ISO 7010 – graphical symbols and safety colors – includes safety signs which have been standardized and registered on an international basis. The design guidelines for these signs are based on ISO 3864. In the scope of a European survey, ISO 7010 may possibly become DIN EN ISO 7010 soon and therewith a binding marking standard for the German system of regulations.

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ISO 3864 "Graphical symbols - Safety colors and safety signs"

International standard including 4 parts covering the design of safety signs. This standard is mostly represented by DIN 4844.

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ISO 17398 „Safety colours and safety signs -- Classification, performance and durability of safety signs”

ISO 17398:2004 defines the requirements of a classification system for safety signs by fields of use to be expected, most important materials, photometric characteristics, lighting, fastening, and surfaces. Performance criteria and test methods are defined in ISO 17398:2004 so that characteristics relating to durability and expected life time can be identified and indicated at the time of delivery of the product to the customer. ISO 17398:2004 does not deal with electric power supply, its components, or electrically driven elements. It does not apply to the characteristics of the glowing components either; but the photometric features for certain types of safety signs are covered.

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