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When someone goes on a journey – EverGlow at airports


At many airports, EverGlow products are already in use. Meanwhile, several international airports have been fitted with different EverGlow systems and solutions that go far beyond the safety standards required by law.

The hustle and bustle of the international hubs requires an extremely close cooperation between contractors and EverGlow's project management. Where people meet from all over the world, misinterpretation or confusion of safety signs must be avoided by all means. The joint planning always resulted in flexible solutions and product lines that are clearly visible and understandable thanks to their extreme luminance. The effectiveness of our products was tested and ensured through trial installations at the beginning of the project.

Where tens of thousands of people are present every day, special requirements are made regarding protection from vandalism. In this respect, innovative fastening techniques have already resulted in a significant risk reduction. By integrating the operating staff, the topic "Maintenance" was successfully implemented as an integral part towards safety.
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