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When it comes to the crunch – EverGlow on Offshore Platforms

Offshore Platforms

At sea, completely different rules apply and customized solutions are required when human beings and materials are exposed to extreme stress.

When it comes to the crunch, special solutions are required to combat all risks and loads. When fitting offshore projects such as offshore platforms or pumping stations with safety signs, EverGlow uses a highly innovative philosophy regarding selection of materials. In this respect, glass-fiber reinforced plastic is the key word.

During "training on the job" the equipment companies are given the opportunity to familiarize their employees with consistent safety concepts. Accordingly, increasing the exit speed is an integral part of the safety concepts implemented in the offshore range. It is extremely important that the basic idea and standards are also understood by those performing the task in order to guarantee an optimal result. Thanks to our global operating marketing partners, our readiness to deliver in high seas, where the most demanding requirements as to man and material are evident, is assured.
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