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Safety despite Speculation – EverGlow at International Stock Exchanges

Wall Street

This is a place full of life and vigor hardly ever found in any other commercial or financial location. A tightly packed crowd, an unbelievable speed, and full concentration, because every second counts. Whether in Frankfurt or in Wall Street - EverGlow GmbH strengthens the backbone of the world economy in its very special way. The trading floor has always been involving plenty of opportunity to risk one's neck. But as EverGlow did not intend to participate in speculations, the works focused primarily on precise and effective safety planning. It was a great challenge, especially in the "security wing" of a stock exchange.

Thanks to precise advance planning and adherence to time schedules, the daily operations at the stock exchange took place without interruption. Whatever changeable the situation at the stock market might be, it’s certain that the building provider hasn’t suffered any loss with EverGlow products.
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