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Project Management

Optical safety guidance systems present a material part of the safety philosophy in public buildings and workplaces.

Benefit from our experience.

We, too, face this commitment. You – as a company, owner, operator, and fitter of an infrastructure – can rely on our competent consulting and professional project services for your safety engineering project work.

We provide our experience and know-how regarding planning of optimum safety guidance systems – on shore, at sea, and in the air – whether on the 28th floor or below ground.

Your requirements are our standard.

EverGlow does not only mean leading products but a production network covering development, production, applications planning, and installation of the entire portfolio of photoluminescent safety products on site.

Thanks to this network, we are able to answer almost any question; and if not, we can still fall back on our smart development department and experienced engineers on the spot. We intend to accompany you; our commitment to quality includes customer satisfaction.

Project planning in practice.

Somehow we met – at a fair, due to our advertisement, a recommendation, or because our equipment aroused your interest. You obtained our information material and contacted us.

And then there was a project; well, some signs, a marking here and there but you were unsure whether this was sufficient for the acceptance of work; and what about warranty and building documentation? In this respect, only consistent project planning can provide for safety.

A date for the on-site inspection was arranged quickly, everything seemed to be crystal-clear: Some signs here...; but what about the rough concrete surface with traffic by fork lift trucks, the staircase in the hotel with its exclusive design, the owner's ideas, and the determination of the excitation lighting.

Our recommendations shed light onto the situation quite quickly; we were able to realize comprehensive project planning in the shortest possible time ranging from the selection of materials – aluminum, plastic, color, signs, illuminants – to the treatment of ground, etc.

Knowledge provides for safety regarding planning and budget.

It goes without saying that you can also profit from our knowledge about optimization of your safety project. Our common objective: Keenly priced costs to achieve the utmost in safety. After CAD design and determination of the planning situation, the quantities regarding material and working hours need to be established next.

Often we have been able to hedge our customers' calculation and to optimize costs. We are even a tiny bit proud of our performance – what we have already fitted with our materials and on the basis of our well-founded planning: Power plants, tunnels, hotels, airports, warehouses, shops, production facilities, airplanes, skyscrapers, underground car park lots, passenger ships, offshore platforms, and many more.

Transfer of experience and know-how.

We train our customers and partners in theory and practice. Our workshops and lectures are demanded all over the world – by companies, associations, organizations, and universities. Are you working as a fitter or do you – as a company – have special partners?

We cooperate in a targeted way and have our partners benefit from our knowledge. E.g. your staff learns "on the job" and afterwards they prepare floor 3 to 12 on their own.

Working and training in one step – this is possible! As already offered above, we are at your disposal for project work – as a full service or for individual services as requested by you.

Overview of project planning services Highest competency regarding laws and directives Professional CAD planning Optimum coordination of time, material, and staff Flexibility and know-how for individual solutions Performance or support in installation Maintenance and service Training of customers, partners, and employees