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EverGlow® — Photoluminescent Safety Products

When you lose power or in case of fire, every second counts. However, an escape route can only found by those who already know it. This is why optical safety guidance systems face high requirements. For more than 20 years, EverGlow has been saving lives in emergency situations by developing, manufacturing, and selling photoluminescent guidance systems, color systems, and safety marking.

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EverGlow provides one of the largest ranges of photoluminescent markings according to DIN 67510 and international standards.

Our in-house research ensures timely integration of the latest developments in our product range.

Whether it's about marking of escape routes according to the Workplace Directive ASR 1.3 or about optical safety guidance systems in accordance with ASR A3.4/3, EverGlow products always provide the utmost in planning reliability.

The products in EverGlow's product range are perfectly harmonized and thus feature the required integral approach. Moreover, our team of safety engineers and competent experts ensures effective planning, as well as assembly and maintenance upon request.